Enterprise Structure

Define Sales Organization | OVX5

Define Sales Organization

In this configuration activity we are able to define sales organization. It is the highest organizational unit in sales and distribution (SD) module. Transaction: OVX5 IMG Path: Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Sales and Distribution -> Define, copy, delete, check sales organization Tables: TVKO, TVKOT     If you start the activity through IMG Menu you will get a pre-selection screen with following options. Choose the first one.   On the main screen you will see a list of currently available sales organizations.   In detailed view there are following options.

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Define Segment for Reporting | S_AL0_19000003

FICO - Define Segment for Reporting

Segment is usually represented by requirement for producing legal reporting statements based on different product groups or services which the company is providing. Usually Profit Centers area assigned to Segments you are able to group them as such. In Some cases you will be able to use profit center groups instead of segments to get the same result, but in case you want to have profit centers pointing to one segment from different profit center groups, then Segment is the way to go. There is also a possibility to implement custom derivation of Segment based …

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Create Operating Concern | KEP8

SAP FICO Configuration - Create Operating Concern

Operating concern is organizational structure used in CO-PA (Profitability Analysis) module. The master data and the functional characteristics will be defined later in Profitability Analysis component. Here we will just create the name and the short description.   Transaction: KEP8 IMG Path: Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Controlling -> Create Operating Concern Table: TKEBT   When we open the transaction, we get following screen. Click on “New Entries”.   Fill the name and the description and hit on save button.    

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Define Functional Area | FM_FUNCTION

SAP FICO Configuration - Define Functional Area

After we activated the cost of sales accounting we should now define functional areas that we will assign to accounting and controlling objects in the system. Examples of functional areas are Finance, Manufacturing, R&D, Sales, etc.   Transaction: FM_FUNCTION IMG Path: Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Financial Accounting -> Define Functional Area Table: TFKB     As at ECC 6.0 EHP6 the transaction is not accessible through the img path. Use directly the transaction instead. When you are in the transaction scree, click on new entries.     Fill the necessary fields and save the entry.

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Assign Company Controlling Area | OX19

SAP FICO - Assign Company Code to Controlling Area

When we have created Controlling area with Assigned Fiscal Year and Chart of Accounts, it is time to assign our Company Code to it. The Company Code should have the same Fiscal Year Variant and Chart of Accounts.   Transaction: OX19DE IMG Path: Enterprise Structure –> Assignment –> Controlling –> Assign company code to controlling area Table: TKA02     When you are in the transaction, find and mark your controlling are and click on the “Assignment of company code(s)”.     Click on “New Entries” to assign your new Company Code.   Fill your Company Code and save the configuration.

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