SAP Transaction codes

This a collection of useful SAP FICO transaction codes for the end-users. Sooner or later I will add detailed guide for every transaction, but in the mean time you could just use this list as is. Enjoy 🙂


General Ledger

View posting documents:  FB03
View GL master record: FBL3N
View GL master record Line items: FS10N
Change Line Items of a document: FB09
Change Document: FB02
Park GL Account – F-65
View parking documents: FBV3
Delete, Edit, Clear Parked Document: FBVO
Clear GL Account: F-03
Reverse GL Document: FBOS


Accounts Payable

Vendor Document Posting: F-43
Vendor Document Posting (One screen): FB60
Vendor Credit Memo: F-41
Vendor Credit Memo 90ne Screen): FB65
Vendor Invoice Parking: FV60
Vendor Credit Memo Parking: FV65
Document Reversal: FB08
Clear Vendor Transactions: F-44
To view Vendor Document: FB03
To view Vendor master record Line items: FK10N
To view Vendor Master Records: FBL1N
Post Outgoing payment posting: F-53
Post Down payment Posting: F-48
Automatic payment Run: F110


Accounts Receivable

Customer Document Posting: F-22
Customer Document Posting (One screen): FB70
Customer Credit Memo: F-27
Customer Credit Memo 90ne Screen): FB75
Customer Invoice Parking: FV70
Customer Credit Memo Parking: FV75
Document Reversal: FB08
Clear Customer Transactions: F-32
To view Customer Document: FB03
To view Customer master record Line items: FD10N
To view Customer Master Records: FBL5N
Post Incoming Receipt posting: F-28
Post Down payment Posting: F-29
Post Bill of Exchange: F-36
Post Bills Discounting: F-33
Post Reversal for Bills Discounting: F-20
Dunning Run: F150

Assets Accounting

Asset Purchase Posting: F-90
Asset Transfer (Within Company Code): ABUMN
Asset Transfer (Inter Company Asset Transfer): ABT1N
Asset Retirement: F-92
Asset Scraping: ABAVN
Reverse the Document: AIST
Asset Master Creation: AS01
Sub-Asset Master Creation: AS11
Asset Group Creation: AS21
Sub-Asset Group Creation: AS24
Change Asset Master: AS02
Change Sub-Asset Master: AS22
Depreciation Run: AFAB
Recalculate Depreciation: AFAR
Asset Explore: AW01N
Upload Asset Balances: OASV


  1. Hi,
    could you through light on new GL accounting, as I am new to SAP bit confused about it. Thanks!!!!

    • Hello Amit,

      There are many new features in New GL. Here are some of them.

      1. Leading and non-Leading ledgers. You are able to have several ledgers which you could maintain for different purposes – Tax, IFRS, US GAAP,etc. By default you will post on all of them, but in certain cases you will be able to make adjustments only in the individual ones

      2. With different ledgers, you could have different fiscal years depending on your limits with certain limitations for Asset Accounting

      3. You could have Balance Sheet accounts segregation based on profits center and/or segments with the help of document splitting

      4. You could have automatic reconciliation between FI and CO. If you do posting in CO, then the you could have automatic posting in FI.

      This is what I remember now. For any area you could find plenty of resources and explanations as this topic is usually covered in 5 days SAP course.


  2. Hi Emiliyan,

    Thanks for the insight of your website.

    It will be nice to see SAP SAP Transaction codes for BPC and their guides.

    Big thank you.

  3. You posted good information .I would like to share and follow

  4. Hi Emiliyan,

    I am consultan HCM Junior, I want to install SAP IDES on my computer to practice, Where I can download the entire folder to install?
    Please help me

  5. Dear Team,

    I have two questions need your help on that 1

    1.Could you please explain how to calculate BRS in SAP ?
    2.Could you please share the SAP ideas Demo download link so that i can install and practice at my free timing.

    Eliyas A

  6. Hi
    Because of GRC rules of segregation of duties (SOD) we sometimes need to find a transaction code to replace another one which the user can access without causing SOD. For example XK01 can be replaced with FK01.
    Do you have that listing in Finance .

  7. Hi
    I want to change the name of the company that requires English to Hebrew?
    can you send me the transaction to change it?
    thank you

  8. Hello Emiliyan,

    I am new to SAP. I intend to specialise as a Financial Analyst, what SAP Tcodes are applicable for analysts?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Ohame, welcome to the SAP world. I think you can start with these and then expand. These are very generic and important codes with which you can achieve quite a lot. Later you can go to SAP Queries (SQ01/02 and SQVI) and Tables (SE16/SE16n).

  9. SAP FI consultant & would like to do BPC.

  10. Hello Emiliyan,
    is there any way to get Access to SAP platform for more practicing?


  11. can you please share vendor changes Tcode while duty posting in SAP

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