Define Functional Area | FM_FUNCTION

SAP FICO Configuration - Define Functional Area

After we activated the cost of sales accounting we should now define functional areas that we will assign to accounting and controlling objects in the system. Examples of functional areas are Finance, Manufacturing, R&D, Sales, etc.


Transaction: FM_FUNCTION

IMG Path: Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Financial Accounting -> Define Functional Area

Table: TFKB



As at ECC 6.0 EHP6 the transaction is not accessible through the img path. Use directly the transaction instead. When you are in the transaction scree, click on new entries.



Fill the necessary fields and save the entry.

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  1. Hi,
    i’m have five year experien in account executive now i study sap fi and get job in fi consultant possible.

  2. Hi Emiliyan,

    I have been reading your various posts on this website and I find them quite interesting.

    My Company is looking into implementing Functional areas (Cost of sales approach) in ECC6 (We will be moving to SH4Hanna but not in a couple of years).

    I would like to know how data can be imported from SAP or BW into SAP BPC 10.0.

    BPC has been up an running for the last 8 years and therefore creating a new dimension in BPC is not an option.

    Is that something that you could help us with? We would like to understand before everything else, whether this is possible.

    Your help on this will be very much appreciated

    • Hi Fatima,

      I don’t have an answer off the top of my head.

      Can you use properties/attributes from the objects assigned to the different functional areas to deliver reporting in BPC? Without dimension won’t be ideal, but potentially you can utilise Dimension Override on Properties and create reports which would, unfortunately, look at the base level.


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