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SAP FICO - Assign Company Code to Controlling Area

When we have created Controlling area with Assigned Fiscal Year and Chart of Accounts, it is time to assign our Company Code to it. The Company Code should have the same Fiscal Year Variant and Chart of Accounts.


Transaction: OX19DE

IMG Path: Enterprise Structure –> Assignment –> Controlling –> Assign company code to controlling area

Table: TKA02



When you are in the transaction, find and mark your controlling are and click on the “Assignment of company code(s)”.



Click on “New Entries” to assign your new Company Code.


Fill your Company Code and save the configuration.

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  1. why we creat company, co-code,business area, consolidation b.area, financial management area, credit control area, and functional area.

  2. Hi saisivaram,

    – Company is primarily for consolidation where you could have two company codes assigned to one company. One company code
    – Company code – The most important organizational unit in FI.
    – Business area – If you want to have balance sheet statement on units which hierarchically below company code
    – FIN MAN Area – Cash and Liquidity Management
    – Credit Control Area – This is for credit control in relation with your Sales. How big your credit line will be based on customer, market, country, etc.
    – Functional area – to separate different functional areas of the business – Sales, Cost of Sales, Operating Expenses, Administration, etc

    It is a quick summary. If you want more, it has to be much longer.

  3. Hi Emiliyan,

    Please change the header text to ” Assign company code to control area”, it is misprinted as “Assign company code to credit control area”.

  4. Hi Emiliyan,

    Can we assign 1 controlling area to many company codes which has different open & close periods though number of periods are same.
    To elaborate, these company codes have Fiscal year variant like V3,V6 or V9 where number of posting periods are 12 but 1st and last period is different for each company codes.
    Hope my query is cleared to you.
    Thank you.

  5. Even after defining maintain control area i am unable to assign company code to control area. In the dropdown menu i dont find my company code. Can you please help?

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