Enterprise Structure

Maintain Controlling Area | OX06

SAP Configuration - Maintain Controlling Area

  Controlling Area is the highest organizational structure in (CO) Controlling/Management Accounting. You could assign either one or several company codes to particular Controlling Area. Assigning several several company codes to one controlling area is only possible when all of them use the same Operational Chart of Accounts and Fiscal Year Variant. In this way could have cross-company code internal reporting. Transaction: OX06 IMG Path: Enterprise Structure –> Define –> Controlling –> Maintain Controlling Area Table: TKA01     If you choose to open the transaction through img menu, you will get following screen. choose “Maintain Controlling Area”. …

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Assign company code to credit control area | OB38

SAP FICO Configuration - Assign Company Code to Credit Control Area

When we have Credit Control Area and Company Code we could assign the Company Code to one Credit Control Area. In this way it is possible one Credit Control Area to be assigned to more than one Company Code.   Transaction: OB38 IMG Path: Enterprise Structure -> Assignment -> Financial Accounting -> Assign company code to credit control area Table: T001     On the transaction screen, find your Company Code and assign the already defined Credit Control Area.  

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Define Credit Control Area | OB45

SAP FICO Configuration - Define Credit Control Area

Credit Control area is used for controlling the credit exposure of  the company to a different operations with our partners. A prerequisite for defining a credit control area is the fiscal year variant which should be created or maintained already.  One Credit Control Area could be assigned to several company codes. You could set credit limits on individual customers as well as based on whole market on which the company is operating.   Transaction: OB45 IMG Path: Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Financial Accounting -> Define Credit Control Area Table: T014     When you open the transaction you should hit …

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Assign Company Code to Company | OX16

SAP Configuration - Assign Company Code to Company

You could assign several company codes to one company as in the case which was briefly described in post for defining a company. This will help later in the consolidation where company code are under company. Transaction: OX16 IMG Path: Enterprise Structure –> Assignment –> Financial Accounting –> Assign Company Code to Company Table: T001 After entering in the transaction, find the company code and enter already defined Company in the field next to it..     Save the entry and assign the configuration to related customizing request. btw. You could also assign Company to Company Code from global …

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Create Company Code | OX02

SAP Configuration - Create Company Code

Company code is the most important organizational structure for Accounting. It is mandatory and you will not be able to do anything without it. A lot of the objects in SAP ERP are assigned and are depended on Company Code, so in the most cases you will start with that. Transaction code: OX02  IMG Path: Enterprise Structure –> Definition –> Financial Accounting –> Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code Table:  T001     If you use the transaction code you will not get the following selection screen.   First chose “Edit Company Code Data” and choose “New Entries” :   …

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