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Setting Country-Specific Checks | OY17

SAP Configuration - Setting Country-Specific Checks

In the country Specific Checks you will find a validation rules for the country related fields like PO Code, Bank Account, Tax Number, VAT Number and other checks related to it.   Transaction: OY17 IMG Path: SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Set Countries -> Set Country-Specific Checks Table: T005     Choose country for which you want to maintain the Country-Specific Checks.   Maintain the fields according to your needs:

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Define Countries | OY01 & OY07

SAP Configuration - Define Countries

In SAP you will hardly need this transaction, because almost all of the countries are defined within the standard installation. On rare cases, in relation with political or military shakes you could have a new country. Following transactions will help you define new country.   Transaction: OY01  IMG Path:  SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings  -> Set Countries  -> Define Countries mySAP Systems Transaction: OY07 IMG Path:  SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings  -> Set Countries  -> Define Countries mySAP Systems (CRM, SRM, SCM,…) Table: T005     Both transactions are managing different settings. Be careful when you are maintaining these settings, …

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