Ratios for Currency Translations | OBBS

SAP Configuration - Ratios for Currency Translations

In this configuration transaction you are able to define translation ration for each pair of currencies. Despite two currencies are exchanged 1:1, it will be necessary to be added.     Transaction: OBBS IMG Path: SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Currencies -> Define Translation Ratios for Currency Translation Table: TCURF When you open the transaction you will be prompted that any changes of already defined ratios could result in inconsistencies.   When you continue with the transaction for new entry, click on the related button. Fill the necessary fields and click on save.

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Check Exchange Rate Types | OB07

SAP Configuration - Check Exchange Rate Types

  Check Exchange Rate Types allow you to define different type of exchange rates in the system. This could be useful when it is necessary to define different exchange rates for the same period which will be used by different SAP Components. Transaction: OB07 IMG Path: SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Currencies -> Check Exchange Rate Type Table: TCURV When you open the transaction, click on new entries if you want to create new exchange rate type otherwise maintain the already defined types.     After New Entries button you should maintain the exchange rate type …

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Set Decimal Places for Currencies | OY04

SAP Configuration - Set Decimal Places for Currencies

This step is necessary only in cases where your currency is not with two decimal places. Every currency with 2 decimal places is not necessary to be maintained here. Transaction: OY04 IMG Path: SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Currencies -> Set Decimal Places for Currencies Table: TCURX   After opening of the transaction you will get consequence of warning messages. First screen warning message. Second warning message. Third warning message that you should read carefully before proceeding.   Currencies with other than 2 decimal places. Here is the screen for New Entries maintaining Decimal Places for currencies with …

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Create a New Currency | OY03

SAP Configuration - Create a New Currency

Same as the countries, currencies are usually predefined with the default SAP installation. You will have to create a new currency in very extraordinary cases. However, if you have such task, then you should follow official SAP Documentation. Next screens will give you very rough idea of the first step. Transaction: OY03 IMG Path: SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Currencies -> Check Currency Codes Table: TCURC       1. Transaction OY03   Click on New Entries. Fill the necessary data.    

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Setting Country-Specific Checks | OY17

SAP Configuration - Setting Country-Specific Checks

In the country Specific Checks you will find a validation rules for the country related fields like PO Code, Bank Account, Tax Number, VAT Number and other checks related to it.   Transaction: OY17 IMG Path: SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Set Countries -> Set Country-Specific Checks Table: T005     Choose country for which you want to maintain the Country-Specific Checks.   Maintain the fields according to your needs:

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