Setting Country-Specific Checks | OY17

SAP Configuration - Setting Country-Specific Checks

In the country Specific Checks you will find a validation rules for the country related fields like PO Code, Bank Account, Tax Number, VAT Number and other checks related to it.


Transaction: OY17

IMG Path: SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Set Countries -> Set Country-Specific Checks

Table: T005



Choose country for which you want to maintain the Country-Specific Checks.


Maintain the fields according to your needs:

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  1. sir,what is withholding tax code,in tds
    please tell me

    • Hi Avula,

      I didn’t fully understand your question, but withholding tax is used for example when service company is delivery something to other company in different company.

      In those cases, part of the taxes are paid in the country where the service on site is delivered. Usually the tax is withhold from the Customer and remaining is paid to the supplier.

      Generally, this is a tax deducted from the Customer/Source.


  2. Hello,
    My client requirement is Nepal bank a.c length is 20 digits (OY17), but system accepting only 18 digits.
    How change the bank no length to 18 to 20 digits ?
    Please update me.


    • Nothing can be done by you. Make a note of it and address the same to ABAP programmer by mentioning the fields. They are the one to sort out this query.

    • Hello Prasad Reddy,

      My name is Hari and I am from Nepal. I am FICO consultant. Could you please help to get in Nepal Bank Ltd.


  3. Hi Tanev,

    It is explained nicely. However, could you please tell me what is checking rule for posting code.

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