New SAP HANA Training Server Build

New SAP HANA Training Server Build

It has been a little more than two months since I wrote my previous post about developing VBA Skills. A lot of things happened in the meantime, but overall I was and still I am in busy projects. I don’t complain as it is exciting in 95% of the time and I can refine my BPC skills with every passing day.

Nevertheless, in this quick post, I will explain why I am in a process of building new SAP HANA Home Training Server for BPC/BW. My old server is in Bulgaria and is reachable from any place in the world. However there are things I don’t like in the current server and therefore, it is already for sale.

The workstation is produced in 2007/2008. It has been an incredible machine for many years ever since. It still poses the performance I need, however, it is energy inefficient for the current standards. The performance/power consumption ratio is pretty bad.

The energy consumption was in the range of 400-800 watts/hr. This led to significant impact on my electricity bills in the first months when I decided to keep it running 24/7. It is loud, heavy and produces a lot of heat. Based on that I decided to assemble a PC in the UK, instead of transporting it here.

My requirements related to the new home server are:

  • Energy efficient to run 24/7 (Less than 100w on full load, 30w idle)
  • Decent performance (64GB of RAM and i5/i7 quad core processor)
  • Silent and small so it can stay in the living room
  • HTPC – Home Theather PC for Netflix or Amazon Prime

The key enabler for my requirements is the new generation of Intel processors called Skylake. It is the first non-Xeon processor generation which can handle 64GB of Memory and 16GB Memory modules. Unlike, previous time with the Dell Workstation, I will pick the parts and assemble the computer on my own.

I already ordered everything. Unfortunately, there are no mini-ITX motherboards with four slots of Memory supporting i5/i7 processors at the point of writing this post. Therefore, the SAP HANA Home Training server will be based on Micro ATX motherboard and Small Form Factor case. Below, you will find the pictures of it. Next to the case is my old iPhone 5.



Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next blog post where I will make a video of the assembling process and later what are my first impressions of the Computer.

btw. I also ordered power consumption monitor so that I can provide you with accurate and reliable results. Until the next time :).

About Emiliyan Tanev

Hello, My name is Emiliyan Tanev. I am SAP BPC Certified Application Associate with a good process understanding of FICO. I am also an experienced accountant and financial controller with 5+ years of diversified responsibilities. I am also a member of Management Accounting Body in the UK - CIMA and CGMA in the US. I love IT and Finance which impacted my career orientation towards SAP FICO and BPC. Follow me and get the latest tips, tricks, tutorials and career guides related to SAP BPC. More about me on My Story.

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  1. Hi Emiliyan,

    Iphone 6s will be used for installation :).
    Just kidding. Waitting for your guide.
    Good luck & have a nice weekend !

    • Hi Again 🙂

      Well, I already bought it and I am really pleased. It met all my expectations in terms of performance and energy consumption :).

      Hopefully I find some time in the next two weeks to make the videos and upload them


  2. Hi Emiliyan, thanks for sharing your experience on building up the server. I thought 128GB of RAM would be the minimal to run HANA but for this server and the previous one you used 64GB only. (source:

    1. Is 64GB of RAM enough to handle the HANA requirements even for a test server?
    2. What is your experience using this server for your training? Any limitations?
    3. If 64GB is enough, what do you think about this DELL Precision 7510?

    • Hi George,

      SAP Blog will give you hardware that is certified by them. It will be reliable and fast. My build is just for me and I don’t think it is representative in terms of performance. I don’t care about performance on it, but rather about functionalities coming with HANA.

      So, it depends on what you are going to use it. On my BPC server, HANA is using ¬32GB memory including the OS.

      I also had thoughts about Thinkpad P50 with 64GB, but decided to go for SFF custom build.


      • Hi Emiliyan,

        Could you share information system of your SFF desktop custom build ?
        How many summary of watts consumption of your system ?


        • Hi,

          I am intending to share my specs and all parts I used in the next post. The main parts are Intel Skylake 6700T (Low Consumption), 64 GB Non-ECC Memory and 512 GB SSD.

          Idle consumption: 15-35W
          MAX Consumption: 88W


          • Hi Emiliyan,

            Thanks for share. in this week, i will also build :

            1.CPU Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz (4.4GHz Turbo Boost ) Skylake LGA 1151
            2.RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB ( 2x16GB ) Bus 2400 cas 14 – DDR4 (Couple = 64 gb)
            3.Mainboard Asus Z170 – LGA 1151 Skylake
            4.Power: Corsair CXV3 600W – Single Rail – 80 Plus Bronze PSU (maybe in the future, i will build VGA )

            I have 2 option, use SSD Samsung 850 EVO 500GB or Western Digital Caviar Red 1TB – 24/7 64MB cache Sata 3. Can you give me advice ? SSD is expensive more than HDD 7200 rpm.

            Thanks in advance.

          • Hi Tpan,

            I would suggest you to go for SSD and buy a slow HDD for storage. I am with 250W PSU.

            Also, do you really need 2400 FSB Memory? Are you going to overclock?


          • Hi Emiliyan,

            Thanks for advice.
            Yes, i’m going to overclock.Now, i have two SSD of old laptop. I want to use for Desktop but i don’t know how to run it on RAID 0 – mainboard Asus Z170. (cause i want to combine 120gb & 240gb or new SSD~500gb ). 🙂 i will try in this week.

            Best Regards,

          • BTW,

            Can’t wait until the your next post about installation on HANA.
            🙂 that is great guide !

            Thanks you and have a nice week.

          • Hi,

            My plan is to write about hardware part. For the installation of HANA there are official and non official guides. I can build up one as well though.


          • Hi Emiliyan,

            Thanks you.
            yesterday, i installed ecc ehp6 to trial new system and i realize that combine two ssds into one & run on RAID 0 is best. Write & Read ~ 1gb/s. So amazing, like convert from bicycle to lamborghini. Very very smooth !

            During the past, try installation SAP give me a lot of things more than i only use SAP functions. I know more, have knowledge about system hardware, more etc … and i feel interested in install SAP day by day. Before i play dotA 2 ~ 3-5 hours everyday.Now i play SAP & Workstation 4~5 hours, :lol:.

      • Hi Emiliyan,

        Tks for the P50 tip. I bought a basic refurbished model on Lenovo’s Outlet and the necessary add-ons on Amazon (64GB memory kit and 1TB EVO 850). Overall that saved more than $1000.

        I used it to build a HANA 2.0 Landscape with BW 7.5/ BPC (and ECC on SQL for integration requirements). In case you are interested, the setup details are in this video:


        • Hi Emiliyan , Thanks for this blog. Is is very useful.

          I have a question to George on his box P50. George can you please share the exact specs so I can also price it out and see what it’s coming to. Kindly share the part number and vendor as well to search on Amazon.

          Thanks Guys!!!

  3. Hello Guys,
    Can some one tell me if HANA SPS12 will work on Intel Kabylake Desktop Grade i7-7700

  4. Ok,
    Can you please let me know how to do this??

  5. Hi,
    So hana express edition (hana1.0 SPS12) will go ahead without hardware check.
    What about Platform edition??

    Can the hardware check of platform be skipped??

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