Learn VBA for MS Excel – Video Course Review

Learn VBA for Excel
From a little less than a year, I had plans to learn VBA basics for Excel. As an SAP BPC Consultant I am not expected to be a master of it, but there is no doubt it is a useful programming language in a variety of cases.

As a rule of a thumb, SAP BPC Consultants should avoid extensive usage of VBA, especially for sophisticated calculations. However there are circumstances where you will need to automate tasks such as changing chart source data, chart title, copying excel formulas to dynamic input forms, etc.

Initially, I was a bit scared of VBA Learning as it was one of the most disliked languages, especially from hardcore programmers. However, in the current project in which I am involved, there were few cases where VBA was highly demanded.

In this situation, there are two approaches. Either you can try spending few hours looking for a quick fix, stealing and modifying a code from the web or you can learn the basics and do it on your own. I decided to go for the second option as it was much more rewarding at the end.

The commitment of time was a little bit higher, but it was worth it. After passing the first 4 hours of the video course below, I was able to finish my tasks in almost 20 minutes.

I was amazed at how enjoyable the learning of VBA was. Besides that, because it is happening in Excel, you can quickly see the results of your coding efforts. And one of the best things is that it improves your programming thinking, enriching you with skills you can use in other languages as well.

In Summary, you will learn about How to:

  • work with static and dynamic ranges
  • work with cells
  • declare variables
  • assign properties to charts, fonts, etc
  • use VBA Menus
  • use loops to perform repetitive tasks
  • take advantage of Excel Events triggering your code
  • and much more





The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course

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