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Define Segment for Reporting | S_AL0_19000003

FICO - Define Segment for Reporting

Segment is usually represented by requirement for producing legal reporting statements based on different product groups or services which the company is providing. Usually Profit Centers area assigned to Segments you are able to group them as such. In Some cases you will be able to use profit center groups instead of segments to get the same result, but in case you want to have profit centers pointing to one segment from different profit center groups, then Segment is the way to go. There is also a possibility to implement custom derivation of Segment based …

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Create Dummy Profit Center | KE59

SAP FICO Configuration - Create Dummy Profit Center

Dummy profit is necessary for all those postings which do not have defined profit center in it. Creation of regular profit center is done by another end-user transaction. Transaction: KE59 IMG Path: Financial Accounting (New) -> General Ledger (New) -> Master Data -> Profit Center -> Create Dummy Profit Center Table: CEPC   When you execute this transaction through IMG menu, you will get following screen. Choose your Controlling Area.   Fill the name of your dummy profit center and hit “Basic Data”. You have to also choose a Segment for that dummy profit center. …

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Create Profit Center | KE51

SAP Create Profit Center

After we created and assigned our profit center standard have standard profit center hierarchy it is now time to create our first profit center. In this case I am going to use as dummy (default) profit center in case no other assignments exists for the particular transaction. Transaction: KE51 Menu Path: Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> General Ledger -> Master Records -> Profit Center -> Individual Processing -> Create Table: CEPC     When you open the transaction, write your short identification and then hit enter.   Fill the necessary fields in Basic Data ‘Tab”.   You could …

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Create Standard Profit Center Hierarchy | KCH1

SAP Transaction Code - Create SAP Standard Profit Center Hierarchy

Standard Profit Center Hierarchy is necessary to group in hierarchical order the profit centers. It is also prerequisite for creation of Profit Center. This quick guide is for creating standard hierarchy for profit center accounting in FI. You are also able to do it in CO.   Transaction Code: KCH1 Menu: Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> General Ledger-> Master Recordsv -> Profit Center -> Standard Hierarchy -> Create     When you execute the transaction, choose your controlling area.   After continuing, on the next screen give a name of your profit center group and hit “Enter”.     Give a short …

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