SAP BPC 10.1 Consolidation Video Tutorials

SAP BPC Consolidation Training Videos

Part of my preparation for BPC certification was to follow all exercises in BPC440 course book. I attended BPC440 two months ago and right now, it was the perfect time for me to revise my knowledge. As the Consolidation part is fully of specific properties, business rules and some logic script, it was imperative for me to clarify most of the content.

I did following videos on SAP BPC 10.1 NW HANA, even though the exam and courses which I attended are on BPC 10.0. The difference between classic BPC 10.1 environments and BPC 10.0 is minor, and so far it is mainly related to web client component.

I didn’t do any preparation for the videos. I was searching for the solution while the video was capturing. For that reason, you will not hear my voice as I thought it will be embarrassing :). Please excuse me for that. I also don’t like videos without audio comment.  However, I hope you will enjoy the playlist below with all videos covering BPC440 Exercises as well as some preparation steps for them.

About Emiliyan Tanev

Hello, My name is Emiliyan Tanev. I am SAP BPC Certified Application Associate with a good process understanding of FICO. I am also an experienced accountant and financial controller with 5+ years of diversified responsibilities. I am also a member of Management Accounting Body in the UK - CIMA and CGMA in the US. I love IT and Finance which impacted my career orientation towards SAP FICO and BPC. Follow me and get the latest tips, tricks, tutorials and career guides related to SAP BPC. More about me on My Story.

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  1. Hi Team
    Please share any documents/question which helps to clear SAP BPC Certification.

  2. Hi Emiliyan

    For certification purposes is it necessary to practice BPC on system like SAP IDES, if so can it be connected to IDES (To collect data)?

  3. How to implement IFRS on SAP BPC. Today companies are implementing IFRS on SAP BPC?

  4. Hi, Emilian!
    Why is all this tutorials are without sound? Tried it on several machines and all the same – they don’t talk.

    • Quote:
      “I didn’t do any preparation for the videos. I was searching for the solution while the video was capturing. For that reason, you will not hear my voice as I thought it will be embarrassing :)”

      I didn’t record it.

  5. Hi Emiliyan,

    I am SAP FI Certified consultant, good practical knowledge of 2 years and 6 months in SAP FI and

    I am thinking of going for BPC, what would be the scope for BPC as s/4 hana finance is in the market now.

    Any training videos or trainers would like to recommend.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Udaykumar P.P.

    • Hi Udaykumar,

      The best way to prepare for BPC Embedded is to familiarise yourself with SAP BW-IP Module. BPC Embedded is essentially BW-IP with few additional functionalities.

      The BPC Embedded integrated into S4/HANA is pre-build with a lot of templates.

      For the videos. I Bought two courses from Udemy, but haven’t had the chance to watch them. Hence I can’t recommend them as of now.


  6. Hi EMiliyan,

    I am working in Sap BW technical side and I am interested to learnSap BPC.CAn you please guide me how can I start myself.Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Jini,

      The best way to start is to follow the BPC420,BPC430 and BPC440 course materials. BPC420 is the most important one though. BPC430 emphasise on the Excel front-end while BPC440 is for the consolidation business rules.


  7. Hi Emiliyan,

    I am looking for student_dimensions_10.xls for practising exerciese in BPc 420 course. Could not find anywhere in the net. Can you please help?.


  8. Hi Emiliyan Tanev,

    I am a fresher and working on BPC. I would really want your guidance in learning and understanding new things in BPC. Since it’s very difficult to find any course material or video tutorials online, your video’s provide a lot of help. Would love to see more of such videos.


  9. Hi Emiliyan,

    Can you suggest any book for doing step by step of Legal consolidation 10.1 classic.
    As i have knowledge only on Embedded.

    Thank you

  10. Hi Emiliyan,

    Is BPC still in demand in the current market. Also, I don’t see that much of SAP BPC Consultants in the market, so is it a good thing or a bad thing for the people still at a learning phase. All I am quering about is that BPC a safer choice to opt for in the coming 2-3 years

  11. Hi Emiliyan,

    I would like to have a short description on SAP BPC Standard Books i.e SAP BPC 410/420/430/440 books.
    Can you please tell me on how to start and in which order should I go for to get the best out of these books.

    • Hi,

      Start with BPC420,BPC430 and then do BPC440.

      BPC420 – BPC Administration – Models, Dimensions, BW Backend
      BPC430 – EPM Addin, Web Input and Business Process Flows
      BPC440 – Consolidation – Business Rules focused


  12. Ivan EVans Santill?n Cerr?n

    Hi Emiliyan,

    I?m interesting in video SAP BPC 10.1 for Consolidation, please send me by email information, course contents, Price, how many hours of video ?, they give certificate for completing the hours of the video ?

    thak for your anwers.

    Ivan Evans S.C.

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