My favorite SAP Transaction – /nex :)

  On several occasions during my workday I have cases where many I am logged in many SAP Systems.  Sometimes it could happen that I have several productive SAP systems and several testing systems as well opened in parallel. While I am using the possibility to show the System name and client identification in the windows menu task-bar it is not helping me so much. I always get to the point where I should at least close the productive systems quickly before I move to some creative stuff :). The standard way is to click and close one by one …

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SAP Business ByDesign is determined to succeeded

SAP Business ByDesign will succeed

  In the last 2 days I made an extensive research on SAP Business ByDesign product. As you already probably know, ByD (short name of the solution) is cloud solution offered either directly by SAP or by their channel partners. Cloud solutions are relatively new business to SAP in their 40 years history and they made a decision to host Business ByDesing only at their own data centers for a while. With this this movement they will acquire the necessary know-how to run the most important tool for every company on their cloud, before they give …

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Show Drop-down Technical Keys in SAP ERP

  In addition to displaying transaction codes in the SAP tree you could also display technical keys in the drop-down lists.  There are cases where the programmers or consultants will implement logic for automatic derivation of something based on purchase or sales order type or something else. In such cases end-users are usually using the full names where the programmers or the consultants will use mostly the technical keys. It could happen that for the duplication in the name of order type, but with different key as following example from IDES System.     In these …

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SAP Consultant’s Tools – Greenshot

SAP Consultant Tool Greenshot

Every professional which is working on business solution projects is faced with the responsibility to provide clear and understandable documentation. Having only text in your manuals is boring. Probably you will lose your readers in several minutes. To prevent that, you should include visualizations which gives much better representation of your thoughts and knowledge which you would like to distribute to others. Users understand the content of your documents much better when you provide visual representation of the written text. Making screenshots of what you are doing is usually done either by just hitting the “Print …

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SAP FICO Consultant – Part 1: Access to SAP IDES

How to Become a SAP FICO Consultant Acess to IDES

Getting familiar with SAP ERP system without having access to SAP system will be like getting driving license without driving a car. More importantly, if you are passionate enough like I described in the prologue and you will pursue SAP FICO Consultancy career it will be impossible without access to real system. You could read a lot of books and materials, watch many video tutorials and explanations, but without direct touch of SAP ERP you will certainly fail. It will be very good if you could find access to SAP IDES (Internet Demonstration and Evaluation …

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