My favorite SAP Transaction – /nex :)


On several occasions during my workday I have cases where many I am logged in many SAP Systems.  Sometimes it could happen that I have several productive SAP systems and several testing systems as well opened in parallel. While I am using the possibility to show the System name and client identification in the windows menu task-bar it is not helping me so much. I always get to the point where I should at least close the productive systems quickly before I move to some creative stuff :). The standard way is to click and close one by one windows till the moment you have been asked in the last window.

The whole procedure was a bit annoying for me and I decided to look for proper solution :). I was looking for a way how to close all the windows from one SAP Systemn & Client in one simple step. e.g following windows:


The simplest solution that I found is to open one of the screens with related SAP System & Client and type /nex in the command field.

When I typed it in one of my ECC/800 windows the result came without any further questions:


Hooray! I hope you will be happy when you are using it. I love it, because it is helping me to focus on the last task and be more productive.

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