Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Down Payments | OBYR

Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Down Payments

In this FICO configuration activity you are able to define alternative reconciliation account when you use special GL indicators on Down Payments. Those are maintained for combination of special GL indicator and chart of accounts.

Transaction: OBYR

IMG Path: Financial Accounting (New) -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Business Transactions -> Down Payment Made -> Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Down Payments

Table: T074U, T074


When you enter into the transaction you will see the list of special GL indicators. You could create new on this screen. To maintain reconciliation accounts you have double click on a special GL indiactor.


You could be prompted by the system for chart of accounts.


Maintain the reconciliation accounts as you desire. Click on “Properties” for further configuration.


Properties of the reconciliation accounts screen.


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  1. I have a case, were regular invoice is to be generated for customers to raise claim letters. Since customer may not be making the payment, so to avoid entry into general ledgers and tax implication, entry for all such claim letters (invoice) are required to get into Statistical G/l and appear in noted items in custo.ers leddger.

    pls guide how do i link statistical G/l to exiting rec account maintained in customer masteri

  2. Hi,
    Why do we link reconciliation a/c with vendor reconciliation a/c in automatic payment programe

    • The main difference is alternative reconciliation we do not assign in any vendor/customer master records where as it will be assigned alongwith vendor/customer reconciliation account to differenciate special general ledger transactions like advances, security deposits etc.

      I hope it will clear your doubt. Assign points if useful.

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