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Maintain Versions | OKEQ

Maintain Versions

In this FICO configuration activity we are able to maintain controlling versions for postings in CO module. Transaction: OKEQ IMG Path: Controlling -> General Controlling -> Organization -> Maintain Versions Tables: TKVS, TKVST, TKA07, TKA01, TKA09, TKT09, TCURV, TCURW, T895PCA, TKEVS     On the main screen you will see similar to following. Mark desired version and click on Controlling Area Settings.   The screen will looks like this. Select again the 0 version and switch to Settings for Each Fiscal Year.   In summary view you will see following. On double click or new entry there is a detailed view.   Detailed view of the above screen.   …

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Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Documents | KANK

Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Documents

In this FICO configuration we are able to maintain number ranges for controlling documents. Transaction: KANK IMG Path: Controlling -> General Controlling -> Organization -> Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Documents Tables: NRIV     On the first screen you have to fill Controlling area and then choose one of the options from the three buttons below. Intervals (Display) Intervals (Edit) NR Status  

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Activate Controlling Area Submodules | OKKP

SAP Configuration - Activate Controlling Area Submodules

When we have already defined Controlling Area assigned to our company code, it is time to activate the controlling components that we are going to use. The activation of submodules is done on Controlling Area organizational structure and therefore it is applicable to all company codes.   Transaction: OKKP IMG Path: Controlling -> General Controlling -> Organization -> Maintain Controlling Area Table: TKA00       When you open the transaction through IMG menu you will get following screen.  Click on “Maintain Controlling Area”.   On the next screen, mark your Controlling Area and click on “Activate components/control indicators”. …

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