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Define Automatic Credit Control | OVA8

Define Automatic Credit Control

In this configuration activity you are able to define automatic credit control. These settings will help you to create automatic control system based on master data objects and sales items which business will process. They could be based on sales order creation or creation of invoice in Accounts Receivable module. Transaction: OVA8 IMG Path: Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Credit Management/Risk Management Settings -> Credit Management -> Define Automatic Credit Control Tables: T691F, T691G, T691D, T691A, T014   When you initially open the transaction you will get a list of already defined automatic credit control groups.   Following …

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Define Risk Categories | OB01

Define Risk Categories

In this configuration activity you area able to define risk categories for credit control areas. Those are helpful in cases you want to categorize different level of risks. For example high, medium and low risk customers or new and old and so on. Transaction: OB01 IMG Path: Financial Accounting (New) -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Credit Management -> Credit Control Account -> Define Risk Categories Tables: T691A, T691T   When you enter into the transaction you will see a list of credit control area risk categories.

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