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Maintain Depreciation Key | AFAMA

Maintain Depreciation Key

In this FICO configuration activity you are able to maintain depreciation key where you can assign calculation methods per depreciation key. Transaction: AFAMA IMG Path:  Financial Accounting (New) -> Asset Accounting -> Depreciation -> Valuation Methods -> Depreciation Key -> Maintain Depreciation Key Tables: T090NAZ, T090ND, T090NDT, T090NP, T090NPT, T090NR, T090NRT, T090NSG, T090NST, T090NA, T090NAT, T096, T096T, T091,T091T, T090NH_METH, T090NHT     Initially, you will have to choose chart of depreciation.   On the main screen you will see a list of depreciation keys. Choose one and then jump to assignment of calculation.   If you have one entry, then you will see directly detailed view.   If you have …

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