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Prepare Automatic Postings for Foreign Currency Valuation | OBA1

Prepare Automatic Postings for Foreign Currency Valuation

In this FICO configuration fro preparing automatic postings for foreign currency valuations related periodic processing. Transaction: OBA1 IMG Path: Financial Accounting (New) -> General Ledger Accounting (New) -> Periodic Processing -> Valuate -> Foreign Currency Valuation -> Prepare Automatic Postings for Foreign Currency Valuation Tables: T030W, T030S, T030B     After starting the transaction yuo will see following list related to automatic postings in foreign currency valuation process.   On double click you have to first choose a Chart of Accounts   The next screen is where you can enter your GL accounts for the related processes according to your needs.   …

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Configure Automatic Postings | OMWB

Configure Automatic Postings

In this FICO configuration activity we are able to define account determination for automatic postings made in Materials Managemend (MM) module. In this activity you are also able to check the configuration of accounting determination. Transaction: OMWB IMG Path: Materials Management -> Valuation and Account Assignment -> Account Determination -> Account Determination Without Wizard -> Configure Automatic Postings Tables: T030, T030W, T030B, T001K     On the first screen you will see a screen similar to following. Click on cancel to go to other screen.   Go to Account Assignment.  You could go there directly through Transaction code – OBYC.   On the …

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