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Cheap International Transfers of Money

Transfer Second Step

It is not unusual for the SAP Consultant to make international transfers of money on a regular basis. In a matter of fact, I am going to be in the same situation from January 2016 when I will make transfers to my family every month. Making International transfers is not a cheap activity. Usually, the fees and the exchange rates are outrageous. For those reasons, the founders of Skype created a new online service called Transfer Wise (if you use the like you will get your first transfer up to 3000? for free). One of the investors in the service is …

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SAP Consultant’s Tools – Greenshot

SAP Consultant Tool Greenshot

Every professional which is working on business solution projects is faced with the responsibility to provide clear and understandable documentation. Having only text in your manuals is boring. Probably you will lose your readers in several minutes. To prevent that, you should include visualizations which gives much better representation of your thoughts and knowledge which you would like to distribute to others. Users understand the content of your documents much better when you provide visual representation of the written text. Making screenshots of what you are doing is usually done either by just hitting the “Print …

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