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About SAP Simple Finance, sERP, ByDesign and All in One

There is no doubt SAP HANA is a future, not just a hype as it was before. One and half years ago, most of the SAP Business Suite Consultants were just advising that it is not necessary and not feasible to migrate to it in the near future. This was changed dramatically in the last six months. Now many big companies are in process of consideration moving their core business apps to HANA and many of the rest will follow. Many are either in prototyping or they already implemented less critical business processes on Business Suite powered by SAP …

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Odoo (OpenERP) vs SAP

Odoo vs SAP comparison

  As a former employee of a company implementing Odoo (OpenERP) I had some knowledge about it and probably I am one of the few who had experience with both Odoo and SAP. To be honest, I felt in love with OpenERP about 1.5 years ago. At first, it looked astonishing, and now it looks even more appealing. There are plenty of features that everyone will like. It feels simple and easy to use and in most cases the necessary training for the end-users is lower than most business solutions. Odoo is gaining fans which is critical success factor …

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SAP Business ByDesign is determined to succeeded

SAP Business ByDesign will succeed

  In the last 2 days I made an extensive research on SAP Business ByDesign product. As you already probably know, ByD (short name of the solution) is cloud solution offered either directly by SAP or by their channel partners. Cloud solutions are relatively new business to SAP in their 40 years history and they made a decision to host Business ByDesing only at their own data centers for a while. With this this movement they will acquire the necessary know-how to run the most important tool for every company on their cloud, before they give …

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