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Activate SAP BPC in NetWeaver BW 7.5 Guide

Activate BPC in NetWeaver BW

There are a lot of things going on with BPC and EPM as General. SAP already showed their commitment to extend and make BPC a core product of their portfolio. You can check my posts on EPM Roadmaps and Consolidation Feature in BPC Embedded, but certainly a lot of things are going on with it. Their latest version of BPC is 10.1, and you can install it on NetWeaver BW 7.4. Nevertheless, this post is not about it. This article is about activating BPC in NetWeaver BW 7.5. You heard me right, you will not need to …

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Consolidation & Other New Features in BPC Embedded

Consolidation, Journals and Others

SAP released BPC Unified in the first half of 2014 and later renamed it to BPC Embedded. It was a completely new concept based much more on the BW-IP than on the classic BPC. My opinion is that SAP is pushing us to BPC Embedded as I expressed my thoughts in EPM Road Maps – BPC, Cloud for Analytics and BW-IP. BPC Embedded is missing some features from BPC Classic, but the most important one is the Consolidation. There were rumors that SAP is working on Consolidation feature in BPC Embedded from 2014, but there was no …

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EPM Road Maps – BPC, Cloud for Analytics and BW-IP

A view on EPM Roadmaps - BPC, Analytics and BW-IP

I am trying to regularly check the Product road maps provided by SAP related to the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) space. They are giving me clues where SAP is putting their effort and what skills I may need to develop. In this post I will try to summarize where SAP is emphasize in the end of 2015. The solutions covered are Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), BW Integrated Planning (BW-IP) and Cloud for Analytics. By the way Cloud for Planning is now part of the Cloud for Analytics suite. Some of you may ask why I am interested in BW-IP and …

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SAP BPC 10.1 Planning Prototype with Logic Script

SAP BPC Planning Prototype with Logic Script

A little less than a year ago I dived into SAP BPC world. It is a great career path for me and I don’t regret switching my focus from SAP FICO to SAP BPC. I still believe BPC fits better to my profile and skills set. I was lucky enough to take official SAP courses – BPC420, BPC430 and BPC440  and be able to certify after that. The courses are very valuable and give you the opportunity to form a stable foundation, but they do not cover Logic Script very well. That is the reason I decided …

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