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Define Tolerances (Vendors) | OBA3

Define Tolerances (Vendors)

In this FICO configuration activity you are able to define tolerance groups which will be used when you post outgoing payments to vendors. They will help clearing small amounts for which will be more expensive to open a dispute. Transaction: OBA3 IMG Path: Financial Accounting (New) -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Business Transactions -> Outgoing Payments -> Manual Outgoing Payments -> Define Tolerances (Vendors) Table: T043G, T001, T040, T040A, T043GT   When you enter into the transaction you will see a list of already defined tolerances. If you want to create new, you could create it from scratch …

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Define House Banks | FI12

Define House Banks

In this fico configuration activity we are defining house banks. They are necessary in case you want to use payment program of SAP ERP. For every house bank you could have several bank accounts. Transaction: FI12 IMG Path: Financial Accounting (New) -> Bank Accounting -> Bank Accounts -> Define House Banks Tables: T012, T001, T012D, T012K, T012T, T012, T001   On the first screen you have choose company code.   Choose new Entries if you want to create a new house bank.   For the house bank, maintain the fields according to your requirements. Save it, to continue with definition of bank …

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