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Maintain Depreciation Key | AFAMA

Maintain Depreciation Key

In this FICO configuration activity you are able to maintain depreciation key where you can assign calculation methods per depreciation key. Transaction: AFAMA IMG Path:  Financial Accounting (New) -> Asset Accounting -> Depreciation -> Valuation Methods -> Depreciation Key -> Maintain Depreciation Key Tables: T090NAZ, T090ND, T090NDT, T090NP, T090NPT, T090NR, T090NRT, T090NSG, T090NST, T090NA, T090NAT, T096, T096T, T091,T091T, T090NH_METH, T090NHT     Initially, you will have to choose chart of depreciation.   On the main screen you will see a list of depreciation keys. Choose one and then jump to assignment of calculation.   If you have one entry, then you will see directly detailed view.   If you have …

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Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class | OAYZ

Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class

In this configuration activity we are able to determine depreciation areas in the asset class. Usually in one asset class, we use the same depreciation terms. Here we are making the default settings for them. Transaction: OAYZ IMG Path: Financial Accounting (New) -> Asset Accounting -> Valuation -> Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class Tables: ANKA, ANKT, ANKB, T093, T096, T094A, T082A, T093T, T096T, T094T, T082H, T093A, T090NA, T090NAT     On the main screen you will see following. Mark one of the asset classes and the jump to “Depreciation areas”.   In the depreciation areas screen there are following options.    

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