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ABAP FICO – Part 1: Programming for Non-Programmers

ABAP for Non-Technicals

  When we first imagine programming from a person with financial background view, it could look a bit scary, but probably you don’t realize that you already have basic skills. If you use VLOOKUP function in Excel then you could very easy familiarize yourself with relational databases. If you use IF statements or even nested IFs, you could very easy catch the topics with program flow control and logical expressions. There are plenty of functions in Excel for transformation of the cell contents as VALUE, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, CONCATINATE, PROPER, LOWER, UPPER, VALUE and many more. These are usually …

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SAP FICO Consultant – Part 2: Business Processes Overview

How to Become SAP FICO Consultant - Business Processes Overview

Becoming a SAP FICO Consultant is not simple and straightforward process. Just having knowledge about transaction codes for customization and knowing how to use them will not make you a consultant. SAP FICO Consultancy is about understanding the business processes and knowing how to implement them in the system. When we speak about understanding business processes, FICO is integrated in almost every SAP ERP Module. Being familiar with other SAP modules is not an option, but mandatory knowledge if you want to add real value to the project team. Jumping directly into SAP FICO modules is like becoming …

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