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SAP BPC BADI – Quick Tutorial for Newbies

When I jumped to learn BPC BADI ABAP  a year ago, I  struggled to find an easy tutorial to create a simple BADI which I can understand. I am certain that every consultant willing to embark on this journey had these challenges in the beginning. Based on the above, I want to give you a quick tutorial on how you can create your first UJ_CUSTOM_LOGIC BPC BADI. If you want to learn BADIs, it is detrimental for the success to create a very simple one gradually increase the complexity. While the post looks quite long, actually …

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ABAP FICO – Part 2: Become a Beginner in ABAP

Foundation in ABAP

  If you were lucky enough to find the study book for BC100 in realtion with Part 1 of ABAP FICO series, you will probably be eager for a little more knowledge in ABAP. It would make sense if you follow the SAP courses where the next one is BC400 course. By the way, BC400 course is in the syllabus for getting SAP FI Professional Application Certification in relation with knowledge in FI Tables and ability to design document print layouts. Back to the topic, BC400 seems to be wonderful course, but you should take the on-site training. …

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ABAP FICO – Part 1: Programming for Non-Programmers

ABAP for Non-Technicals

  When we first imagine programming from a person with financial background view, it could look a bit scary, but probably you don’t realize that you already have basic skills. If you use VLOOKUP function in Excel then you could very easy familiarize yourself with relational databases. If you use IF statements or even nested IFs, you could very easy catch the topics with program flow control and logical expressions. There are plenty of functions in Excel for transformation of the cell contents as VALUE, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, CONCATINATE, PROPER, LOWER, UPPER, VALUE and many more. These are usually …

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