Moving to the UK and a New Domain Name

Moving to UK and Domain Name Change

I haven’t been active on the blog for the past month as my focus was on something else. The division I work at is in transition to another company and for that reason, I’ve decided that it is a time for a change. The details of my decision are explained in the second part after my thoughts on why I moved the blog to another domain name ( ->

New Domain Name

Starting with why I moved the blog to another domain I can clearly say that was and still is a great domain. The only thing that it lacks is the possibility of building a personal recognition. It is pretty generic, and it is not suitable for creating something like a personal brand. There were moments in my imagination where I was presented as the blogger behind, but not as a reputable name in this field :).

Therefore, when I started looking for a proper name, I decided to use my initials – ET. In the same time, I wanted it to be relatively short, suitable for blogging, networking and technology and be in the “.com” namespace. I felt that the word “Circle” has many meanings in that direction and for that reason, it fits my requirements. Right now my website sounds like the Emiliyan Tanev’s Circle SAP blog :).

If you have any concerns about the future of my blog, I do not intend to change the topics. I am still going to focus on SAP Financials as a person with strong Financial background although I am planning to include additional topics related to BW and Cloud for Analytics. As you will read below, I am still in the SAP BPC/EPM business, and I am eager to learn and develop my skills with my future employer in the UK.

Moving to the UK

As I wrote in the introduction, the circumstances around my current employer pushed me to think about making a huge change. Moving to the UK was in consideration from a long time ago within my family, but I wanted to have a few more years of experience in SAP. However, there was no point of changing two places within 2-3 years again. In addition to that, the BPC opportunities in Bulgaria are close to none. Bulgaria is a tiny country, with a weak economy and there aren’t many domestic businesses with an international presence that may be potential SAP BPC buyers.

You may ask me, why the UK? There are many reasons for that, starting with the fact that I am holding well recognized Accountancy qualification in the UK (CIMA). The mother of my kids is also following a similar path with another UK Accountancy Association – ACCA. SAP BPC market seems to develop well in the past years. Language will not be a barrier to starting to work, although there is a big room for improvement. The UK is relatively close to Bulgaria, about 3 and half hours by plane with an availability of cheap flights by low-cost airlines.

When it was clear that the UK is the choice of my family, at the end of October I started to look for opportunities in LinkedIn and Job Advertising websites.  The first task was to adjust and update my CV. From friends I understood that placing a photo and a birth date is not appropriate.  Next task was to connect with recruiters and look for ads which may fit my profile.

After a month, I had several interviews with recruiters and companies. Based on the way the calls were held and the attitude towards me, I think that my future employer is the best option I had.  If you are interested in the company’s name, you will find it my LinkedIn profile on or after 18th of January, 2016.

When the mother of my kids and I have discussed how we are going to relocate, we ended on the following plan. I am moving alone for nine months to a year in a flat share. After that, the rest of my family will come, and we will establish ourselves in a separate flat or a house.  The initial period will help me to settle myself and fully focus on my work as well as build up some savings. It won’t be easy, but we believe it will be worth the inconveniences in the beginning.

For the past week I’ve been researching on organizational topics such as choosing a location for living, how to open a bank account, applying for National Insurance Number (NIN), documents which I should prepare, etc. After initial research, I will look for places in London close to overground stations Mill Hill Broadway, Hendon, West Hampstead and eventually Kentish Town and Kings Cross. If you look for flatmates, please contact me :).

About Emiliyan Tanev

Hello, My name is Emiliyan Tanev. I am SAP BPC Certified Application Associate with a good process understanding of FICO. I am also an experienced accountant and financial controller with 5+ years of diversified responsibilities. I am also a member of Management Accounting Body in the UK - CIMA and CGMA in the US. I love IT and Finance which impacted my career orientation towards SAP FICO and BPC. Follow me and get the latest tips, tricks, tutorials and career guides related to SAP BPC. More about me on My Story.

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