How to Become a SAP FICO Consultant: Prologue

How to become a SAP FICO Consultant - Prologue

Becoming a SAP FICO functional consultant is not a straightway process. While the remuneration of the SAP consultants is well known by its attractiveness, you should not expect earning such salary in the first few years. Very often the only reason for many to enter  this field is the lucrative incomes, but they lose themselves in the sea of the SAP resources.   You should invest a lot of time and probably money before you could have chances to find a good job in this field.

In last few years consulting companies are looking for experienced applicants which could immediately enter into projects and start adding value to the team. It has pure economic sense to behave that way. The risks they face when they hire a SAP fresher are huge. They should invest a lot of money and expensive senior time before the employee starts to add value to the team or the company as whole.

This process will take at least 6 months, but after that the employee will have good opportunities to find a job with descent salary. You could imagine the risks that consulting companies face when they hire a fresher.

If you are a professional with substantial financial background you will again need almost the same training before you start adding value. After that those professionals with a domain experience (in our case those with Financials background) will be rewarded very well, but the initial period will be almost the same.

Everything that I’ve mentioned so far is to present you the true picture of the market that you are intending to enter. You will face a lot of obstacles before your really find the job that you dream of and most probably it will take several years. The only fuel that you will have is the passion. If you don’t have passion about providing solutions to business people and support them in their day-to-day tasks, then you will most certainly fail at some point.

If computers are not your hobby and you don’t like to play with the operating systems & software that you are familiar with, then you will struggle with the tasks that you are going to have as SAP Consultant.

I am going to create “how to” series about “How to become a SAP FICO Consultant” with intentions to cover first steps in entering into the SAP world and in particular SAP Finance and Controlling. You will most probably find a lot of resources in and outside the internet, but you will get annoyed and lose passion. They will make huge mess in your head.

Don’t make the mistake to directly enter into tutorials which will show how simple is to create Company, Company code, Create and Assign Fiscal Year and, Charts of Accounts, etc. You will be not prepared for that and again you could get annoyed and lose passion.

Before you enter into the next parts of this series you should have following skills and knowledge:

  • Financial & Management Accounting knowledge
  • Familiar with the business processes
  • Passions in providing solutions and supporting the business people
  • Configuration, researching and testing skills
  • Be a patient person

If you don’t have accountancy background it will be great advantage for you if you are able to get into accountancy job in company using SAP. It will not only familiarize you with SAP software, but more importantly you will understand and feel the end-users needs.

In next few months, I will post next parts covering the basics for becoming a SAP FICO Consultant. In the meantime you could get free email subscription and get the latest articles first!

About Emiliyan Tanev

Hello, My name is Emiliyan Tanev. I am SAP BPC Certified Application Associate with a good process understanding of FICO. I am also an experienced accountant and financial controller with 5+ years of diversified responsibilities. I am also a member of Management Accounting Body in the UK - CIMA and CGMA in the US. I love IT and Finance which impacted my career orientation towards SAP FICO and BPC. Follow me and get the latest tips, tricks, tutorials and career guides related to SAP BPC. More about me on My Story.

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    • Hello Zubair! You have made the first human comment in this blog 🙂

      • Hi,
        Could please help me on below.
        I am a Finance and Accounts professtional since 8 years and having end to end knowledge of all AR,AP,and FA GL. I have well end user knowledge of SAP ERP and a bit of implimentation. I need some challenge in my career and wanna grow as SAP consultant. please suggest how I can change my career as a SAP Consultant.

        • Hi Mamtaz,

          Thank you for your interest!

          Switching to SAP is not an easy task. You should know that it requires a lot of commitment from your side. Usually to get to SAP Consultancy role, you should follow some path. As starting point will be to look for role where you could be middleware between the FICO Consultant and the endusers. Usually such roles are called SAPA FICO Business or Functional Analyst.


          • Hi Emiliyan,

            How exactly is it called SAP FICO Business or Functional Analyst certification? I spent more than 7 years working in Finances, so I would be content to pass it.


          • Hi Beni,

            Sorry for the late answer.
            Certifications for associate are C_TFIN52_66 and C_TFIN22_66


  1. Hi Emiliyan Tanev,
    what is shadowing period in sap fico consultant job

  2. Hi ,

    I want to get into ABAP programming for FICO module. Can you suggest some good links or books which would help me in getting hands on the above . Also I am newbie to SAP. Though I have very good experience in C++ . It would be a great help. Please do let me know.


    • Try to search for abap programming iTunes. There are video lectures from us university. Get the 2014 edition. This will be good start. After that probably you could go for more specific materials for abap in fico depending on your background.

  3. hi.. i am pavan frm india and i have recently completed my c.a intermediate and simaltenously 2 year… i pursed sap fi/co traning frm unauthorized institute and every interested in the training and….. finally i can say tht i love sap…..and not interested in any other ………. plz suggest me

    • Hello Pavan,

      I am not understanding what is your academic and professional background.
      Currently I am reading Sap Press book – Discover erp financials which I really like and highly recommend. I will write about in my next post.

  4. Hello Emiliyan,

    I am Anand from India, completed BBA, having experience in CRM around 4.5 years. I would like to do SAP FICO and no knowledge about SAP completely. Please guide me on how to start a career in SAP FICO. How did you become a professional in SAP. Hoping a reply from you. Thank you.


    • Hello Anandakumar,

      You have CRM experience with SAP or domain experience in CRM field? Probably it would be easier for you if you try to keep with SAP CRM.

      But If you prefer to stick with FICO, then you will need to learn a lot. I would say that currently my skills in FICO are far from what I think it needs to be, so I am constantly reading and learning too. Read my story page for further information.
      Also follow the parts for how to become a FICO consultant –

      The journey is long and challenging, but rewarding.


      • HI Sir,

        My name is Vipin kumar and I have an experience of 8 year in Account in field AR,AP and Payroll now kindly suggest should I do an entry in SAP and how is this field from carrier growth prospect, further I am taking a training of FICO module from trainer. So after do the training kindly how I can make the entry in this field.

  5. Hi Sir,

    This is narender from India, completed my MBA and having 3 years exp in Accounting field and 3+ yrs exp in BPO, so Recently completed my SAP FICO in unauthorized institute. Please guide me on how to start a career in SAP FICO. How did you become a professional in SAP. Hoping a reply from you. Thank you.

    Thank you,


    • Hello Narender,

      Start looking for a job entry level. Probably it is a good idea to start looking for similar to Business or Functional Analyst job where you could gain the foundation. After that you could look for more senior or consultancy role.

      If you feel comfortable, you could try to get FI or CI certification exam from SAP which would definitely improve your chances.


  6. sir, shall be grateful to have your valluable advice for sap/fico consultant profession


  7. Hello Emiliyan,

    I have been working with MNC as an ABAPer for last 4 year and from last 1.5 years I have been associated with SAP FI team as an ABAPer. Now I have opportunity to switch my skill to SAP FI module and have good knowledge in AP and AR process, which I gained through supporting FI module. what do you suggest on this? I am basically from Engineering background with less knowledge in standard accounting. will this have any impact on future career opportunities?


    • Hello Sandeep,

      It is really hard to advise you anything as I am with FI background. It really depends on what are your preferences and in which are you will feel more happy.

      I know one person who came from programming and became a wonderful FI consultant. He is the best of many who I know and works for astonishing daily wage. But he is in SAP world for more than 15 years.

      If you go with FI root, you could try to get some FI knowledge from ACCA and CIMA learning books.


  8. Hello Sir,

    I am a Chartered Accountant from India and worked as senior finance executive for 2 years in Chennai, India in an IT company. In the last six months of my work, the company implemented SAP by design software where accounting is on cloud. So I was in the implementation phase of SAP as well during my work tenure. Recently I got married and shifted to Minneapolis, USA since my husband is working here. I wish to do SAP FICO Module. Given that CA is not recognized here in US, is this the right career option? Can you please guide me on a few things to start with? – (1) What is the access code for FICO certification? Is it C_A1FIN_10? (2) Is training really important or is it possible to complete certification by self study? (3) Can you recommend a good training institute? (4) Can you recommend some study materials for SAP FICO?

    Your guidance will be of much help to me.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Hello Archana,

      Keep in mind that SAP ByDesign is different from the widely known SAP ERP. Both are ERP systems, but are based on different software platforms. I think it is right option for you, depending on how much commitment is willing to make.

      Training for FICO
      SAP FI – C_TFIN52_66 and P_FINACC_66 exams | Learning materials TFIN50 and TFIN52. For Proffesional exams courses starting with AC*
      SAP CO (Management Accounting) – C_TFIN22_66 exam | Learning materials TFIN20 and TFIN22.

      Training is preferable as SAP Consultant’s market is saturated with experienced professionals. It is not easy to enter, but it is rewarding route for career development.

      SAP training in official SAP Centers is the option from my point of view. The study materials are mentioned above.

  9. hi,

    I completed BE-cse in 2011,i have 3 year experience in banking operation ,if i complete sap fico course it is possible to enter as a fresher in sap fico

    • Hi Shree,

      Everyone has a chance as long as he/she wants it a lot. SAP jobs marketplace is pretty saturated at this point, so keep in mind that it will require a lot of dedication to learning.


  10. Hello sir,
    I have completed my in 2012 and in 2014 and till now I am working in BPO that’s not a good career option. I want to know how to start career in sap fico in my situation.
    From last 2 months I’ve searched so many website but didn’t get any right answer

  11. Hi Emiliyan,

    I am Deepak and I am working for Deloitte for 3 years as tax consultant now and my role is into data analytics, market research and business consulting. However I am looking forward to learn SAP-FICO from an unauthorized local institute as I cannot afford certification right now. I’ve strong accounting knowledge and wanted to ask what are the chances of getting a job in FICO post completion of the course. Will my experience with a Big4 financial services firm be considered in any which way? Some people suggested me to fake my experience in Deloitte as SAP consultant and I am uncertain about it for now. Please suggest. Thanks!


    • Hi Deepak,

      Please, avoid fake experience and don’t even consider that option. The experience in Big4 will definitely help you later, but in the beginning you will have make compromises. Don’t expect to get the same salary as you have now in the beginning.

      Certification exam is usually not so expensive – 400 EUR. But you have to learn a lot before that. The training at SAP are expensive and are not required for getting the certification exam.


  12. Hi

    i am an accountant for 10 years now and worked in different departments, (Supply chain, customer service, pure accounting, reporting, Cognos analysis, BPC…). I feel that i like a lot optimizing processes, testing new solutions and overall improving the use of SAP in my current company. For this motivation i acutally got promoted to SAP liaison between the Finance team and the IT SAP team, but no training was provided.

    Do you have any interesting reading that you can recommend to have a better understanding of SAP FICO processes?

    thanks for your feedback
    Kind regards

  13. Dear sir
    Please guide me how to star SAPFICO Module for Become FI CO consultant

  14. i am fresher chartered accountant having no experience. i want to learn sap fico. can i get a good job with sap fico as a fresher ca

  15. Hi Prtausha,

    As I already wrote several time, the FICO market is already penetrated and you have to be very motivated and self-driven to succeed. You are probably very young and you have to know that it is really hard to learn something as SAP before you have a job, but probably the best start will be to get a SAP FI or/and CO certification after committing substantial time learning.

    You will receive some additional guides on your email.


  16. Hi Emiliyan,

    I am a certified fi consultant and joined a large organisation 2 years ago. Since then I’ve been part of an implementation project and its golive support and a development only project. Luckily for me I was given the opportunity to be independent right from the start and I utilised the opportunity to learn sap interact with clients understand their requirement map them in sap etc.i feel confident about everything I did till date n m always curious to learn more..
    Now, I feel I need to switch. reason – the pay I get even after two years is very less compared to industry standards…
    My question to you sir, on which I request your kind advise is…. Is it right for me now to look for a change only based on the pay, or should I continue here for couple more years and gain more experience before I leap..

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Nikhil,

      Is your company paying less to all employees or it is just on you? Usually it is good idea to talk with your employer, but sometimes it is really hard to do such thing. Do you have performance evaluation talks during the year? Usually on them you can ask for a pay rise depending on your performance.

      Usually people want a change in their work after 2.5-3 years if nothing is changed in the meantime. 2 years and one project is not so much for the SAP market which is highly penetrated with skilled workforce, but you could try and see what you could get from others. You have to also question yourself whether other employers will give you the opportunity to cover the areas in which you have access now. It is really difficult for me to advise you. It is personal thing and it depends on so many things.

      Best Regards,

  17. Hi Emiliyan,
    i had completed my mba finance.
    i heard that fico or any sap modules that should learn after gaining experience in job.
    is it true?

  18. Hi Emiliyan,

    I am a qualified cost accountant working as Team lead in Finance and Accounts in a reputed organisation.i have 3.5 years experience in core finance in sap as enduser.
    i am looking forword to become successful as SAP FICO What are the skill that we need to develop to become successful???
    i am planning to undergo some sap training in outside??does it going to help it in finding oppurtunities??
    After training, how i need to proceed ahead for getting good oppurtunity in mncs??

  19. Hi Skumar,

    Read the rest of the blogs regarding that topic here:

    Probably, a FI or CO certification will help you to find your first job.


  20. hi Emiliyan,

    This is sandeep certified fi fresher,right now looking for job,,plz suggest me to enter into a comapny,,i am not founding any fresher placementes,,And suggest me How to prepare for interviews as fresher.

    • Hi Sandeep,

      It’s not easy to get a decent job as a fresher. I would suggest you to look for a Sap FI Analyst job in the beginning or in rare cases – Sap FI Junior Positions.

      It will really depend on your background.


      • Hi Emiliyan,

        Thank you Sir for your response, And How i need to prepare for interview level as fresher,,suggest me which type of questions can i face while interview,,And do they ask configuration of each part of the segment ?

  21. Hi
    I am a chartered accountant and I m working in it company with 6 month experience in sap fi testing and now iI am in sap fico support project.I am little bit worried that in the beginning in the support I am not able to solve the users query so how i will do ibthe can u suggest me…whether I shld be in fico or move to main dinain??

    • Hi Vinu,

      It all depends on you! Every beginning is tough, but with the time goes it, you will get more knowledge and confidence.

      It depends on you, whether you like this job or not. This is, perhaps the most important question you can ask yourself.


    • Hi
      I have completed sap fico. Iam a fresher iam looking for ajob which job will be better in my care? Can yu suggest bttr job with start my career?

  22. Hi,

    I have 6 years of experience in public accounting (I worked for a CPA firm). I quit my job & got my certification in SAP FI. As a fresher how can I land myself a job. I currently live in the US. Any valuable advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Kavya,

      Certification in SAP FI will certainly help you if you are comfortable with the material. It is tough to advise you, but you can try to extend your skills while you are looking for a job.

      Bear in mind that you are overqualified with business skills, but don’t have experience with SAP Implementation. You should look for entry level job in most cases. I would suggest you to start looking for a job as a support consultant for a big company.


  23. Hi,
    I did my MBA(FINANCE) from Loyola Institute of Business Administration Chennai and working as Relationship Manager in Icici wealth management. Looking to be a SAP FICO to go about it,like where to start with? Which courses to go for?

  24. Hi sir,
    I certified my sap finance module from Lithan Genovate and I have 3yrs banking experience.
    I tried lots of interviews but unable to crack. I m not getting why this happened to me. Right now I am jobless due to this I m frustrate and whole life like a hell.

    Pls pls help is their any website to improve my sap finance knowledge

    I am eagerly awaiting for your help

  25. I am rajesh joshi from india. Currently i have done stage two of chartered accountancy from india.i read a lot about sap fico form what i found that all the topics which it has are similar to my studies in charted accountacy (CA)course. Futher IN MY CA couse i will need to complete 3yrs internship where i will be working on basic tally softwares etc. While along with CA i am planing to do ACCA in those 3years.
    MY ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO BE A SAP FICO CONSULTANT. coz i have a lot of intrest in computers and i love playing around softwares and also i have a lot intrest in automation. My question to you is that as i have good knowlege about accounts, costing and finace. Should i futher do ACCA? Or should i get training in sap fico right now?
    The thing is ACCA will give me job oppotunities in europe as for SAP Consultant. What do you think please tell me should i join SAP right now itself or do ACCA to get more professional knowledge base and then sap. Because eventually i waana be sap consultant.please advice me what will be good for me as in career prospective

    • Hi Rajesh,

      It’s difficult to give you advice as there are many variables on which you will depend. As overall, ACCA is appreciated, but it won’t be recognised a lot till the moment you get a Senior or Principal role. Till then you will need to gain technical skills such as FICO Configuration and FICO support.

      So the idea is that you won’t be able to leverage your strong accounting background before acquiring a good foundation in FICO.


  26. Vrushali Upadhyay


    I Am Vrushali, I have done SAP training from one of local institute a 2 years ago.. i din found a good job soo i choose to take whatever i get as i had a financial problems. right now i am accountant n have 2.5 years of experience. have completed my masters in commerce. now looking for start career in SAP FICO field. would you please advice me what should i do n how.

    • Hi Vrushali,

      It is really difficult to advise you. Read the rest of the comments in this post.

      Find a job where you will be able to liaise between business users and sap consultants as a start. Something like SAP FI Analyst.


  27. Hi Emiliyan,

    I need your assistance,I have done my B.B.A in Finance post that I did my PGDM in Marketing and was placed with a NBFS as a Wealth manager.There i have worked for about 3.7 years.Since past 6 months i am not employed but did a Business Analysis certification program.I have lot of interest and knowledge in finance and want to gradually move into finance department.I am more keen of doing SAP FI/FICO then SAP SD,But i am not sure if i will get a JOB as a SAP FI/FICO consultant since my experience is into marketing.

    Please suggest if SAP FI/FICO will be suitable for me.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Neha,

      It really depends on which area you have passion. You can start for example with FICO integration with SD. This will leverage both your degree and experience.


  28. Hello Tanev,

    I’m Kumar, i completed my, i have Domain Experience in AR (ERP SAP Enduser) for 2.5 Years in Genpact, then i joined in CTS there im working for AA & GL since 4.1 Years in AS400 (End User) ERP. I want to stop Job and learn the SAP FICO.

    Please let me know……….

    1. As i’m into Finance & Accounts Background, I want to learn SAP FICO and settle in SAP field, is SAP FICO ok to learn or do i need to learn any other module too ????
    2. As of Today and Future, how are the career prospectus for SAP FICO??

    Waiting for your replies..

    Have a good day to Tanev !

    Thank you so much in advance !!


    • Hi Kumar,

      Try to read TERP10 Materials and then look for FI and CO certification from SAP.

      Recently, I am working as a BPC Consultant and lost the connection a little bit with FICO market. I still think it is exciting, because of S4/HANA though.


  29. Hi Emo,

    Do u have any link for TERP10 Path, i’m not getting it on the web.

    Please !!!


  30. Hi Sir,

    I completed my btech in computer science. I have been working since 3.5 years as support engineer in reconciliation process of some client. I have basic knowledge(like on cost center, posting key, company code, card payments settlements, vendor payments settlements, GL accounts) on how the reconciliation process functions. I want to be a SAP fico consultant. Need your guidance to achieve my career objective. Please guide me sir it would be great if you can help me on this. Thanks & Regards,
    B Vinod Kumar.

  31. dear sir,
    my name is amit. currently i am working in a company as tally consultant , is it possible for me become a sap consultant . i was complete sap fico course but the institute was not sap certified .

    • Hey Amit,

      Sorry for being uninformed, but I don’t know what tally consultant means. From my point of view, the best route to get into SAP FICO is to get the official SAP FI or CO certification exam after learning and practising on a demo system.


  32. Hi Emiliyan
    I am working as a Senior Financial analyst in Dubai . My total experience is 8 yrs . I had done my bcom and pgdm from india and now persuing cpa usa which i wish to complete by this year. With regards to my profile do you think if i get training in sap fico from one of the local institutes in dubai and then get the certification done will it help me to get a job in Sap fico with no previous experience. Do you think if i change my path now will it be detrimental in any way or with finance background i can a get a good job.pls advise

    • Hi Digvijay,

      Switching to SAP FICO will require a lot of commitment. Yes, I think getting training and certifying from SAP official centre is the best route to start. Finding job will not be easy, but it will be possible especially within a support team in a big company as a first job.

      Keep in mind that for your first 1-2 roles you will not be able to sell/leverage your background, but later I think you will be.


  33. Hi Emiliyan

    This kashif

    Actually i am taking training of Sap fico from a fico consultant and I have 2years of domain experience
    Will I get a job as fico consultant after my completion of training. and which book should I refer for fico module pls guide me

  34. Hi Emiliyan,

    My brother has done his M.Sc in 2006. He is working as accountant in L & T and he has around 10 years of experience.He has knowledge on ERP as end user and also knows about Supply chain management.

    Now he wants to change his career from Non-IT to SAP.
    Please let know if going for SAP Programming is good idea or going for SAP FICO module ?
    And also, how can he enter to IT field after going through the SAP trainings.

    Please suggest on this


    • Hi Sirisha,

      I think it will be easier for him to jump into FICO world as he will be able to leverage his experience. However, there are some countries where ABAPpers are in much higher demand and if he adores writing code, then it won’t be a bad idea either.

      btw. It is kind of strange that you are doing the research on behalf of your brother.


  35. Hello Sir, This is Dhiraj I am 29 years old and I have completed my BCom and have 21 months of job experience in a Proposal development company as a Research Analyst and in Utility process as a Executive which works in SAP CRM. I looking for a job in finance and want to build my career in finance as a fresher. Currently I am learning SAP FICO course through online videos and tutors. It’s been 2 years now I have completed my education. And I know that initially I will not find get the consultant job without experience. So my plans are to search a job in SAP FICO as a End User and once I get the domain experience I can start my career as a Consultant. Can you suggest me weather I can start my career as a SAP End User and help me with the guidelines and tutorials? Please do reply to this message. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Dhiraj,

      If you can find a job as a SAP FICO Analyst at organisation having SAP ECC, it would be a perfect start. It is also an option to start as an accountant and gradually move towards FICO Analyst.

      After having some experience as an internal support, you will start to see other opportunities. This is at least what I experienced even though I switched to BPC.


      • Thanks a lot for your reply and guidance Sir. I will search for the job opportunities where I can start my career in SAP.

  36. Hi Emiliyan,

    I have 11 years of Experience in AP /AR domain with Banking and Pharma industries. Currently I am a Super User in SAP FICO. I would like to learn SAP FICO now and become a FICO consultant. Please advise if this a good career option?.

    Also please advise difference between FICO and HANA which is going to be best in terms of opportunities in future.

    • Hi Sharma,

      I assume you can jump into FICO based on that your current role is Super User. Read the rest of the series of How to Become SAP FICO.

      SAP FICO is part of SAP ERP. HANA is SAP’s newest database. They are optimising their products to work on HANA.


  37. Hi sir,

    I am fresher i done my bcom (comp) and also sap fico course.but sir i dint finding a job based on sap fico.i found some jobs through they were taking interview asking hard questions and telling you must have to perfect on this field.we are providing intership for you in 45k and mnthy stepnd salary is 7500 on 4months contract…this is good or a bad,i’m so confused in this field to finding a jobs…

    • Hi Mohammed,

      I don’t know the market where you are trying to find a job. For sure, just being a super user will not help you obtain the dream job. Stay away from consultants job as their requirements will be high.

      If you can certify from SAP by preparing with their materials, you will be in a better position I think.


  38. hi Emiliyan,

    I am Mohammad Umar. I Have 3years experience in Jr.Accountant. my Dream Job is Become a SAP FI\CO Consulant. how to go it sir. tell me few words how to Practice to sap.

  39. Hi sir i Arman khan i would know about sap fico Course . i have 3 year experienced working as accountant executive with help of tally erp 9 and i have good commerce background . i want make my carrier in sap
    FICO suggest me sir is this right for mee or not ?

    Plz suggest ‘sir

  40. Hi Emiliyan,

    Thanks for this post.

    I’m currently considering transition into SAP FICO Consultancy.

    I’ve been a Project Management Professional for over 10yrs now working on various IT, payments, eCommerce, Mobile Commerce and Delivery Management projects.

    However, I do not have strong background in Finance & Accounting apart from couple of Accounting, Evaluation and Finance classes I took during MBA at Terry.

    Do you reckon I stand a chance cracking into this domain? I feel really determined to give it a go but would really like to know if my basic knowledge in Financial Accounting will be sufficient enough.

    Please let me know your thoughts.


  41. Hi

    My name is Vamsi from india, i have around 9 years of experiance in Consumer Banking,Mutual Fund operations and Investment Banking Reconciliation and settlement process in Fixed income securities. I am graduated from college in Maths Electronics and Computer science and i have good knowledge on logical coding in excel macro. Will it be good to get into SAP as i would like to have a move from Finance to IT. What would you suggest.

  42. Hello Emiliyan,

    I am an Accountant. I have done BBA from India and I am also a Member of an ACCA which I have gained this qualification in London. Currently , I am working in a accountancy Practicing Firm based in London and having more than 5 years of experience. now, I am looking forward to advanced my career in finance field and heard lot about SAP FICO. Is it advisable to get enrol myself in to this course and if yes , what will be the future benefit I am looking forward from this ? can you also provide me some guidelines where to do this certification course in London if have any link? once Certification done what type of job role I should look forward for as I will be fresher with no experience.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.

    • Hi Pinkal,

      Please read the comments below and the rest of the articles related to how to get into SAP FICO

      Being with a financial background in the sap field is always a positiveл Keep in mind that before you start utilising and leverage your financial skills, you will need to commit around 2 and probably 3 years to get the necessary sap fico technical/functional skills.

      So, it is big commitment and it really depends on you, what you like and what to do.


  43. Hi Emiliyan Sir,

    I’m a Commerce Graduate with 2 year of experience in sap end user. and i also have good knowledge in AP, AR, GL, Etc.
    Now i want to move on for better career opportunity in SAP Consultant.

    Kindly suggest me how can i become a SAP Consultant ?

  44. Hi Emiliyan,

    I have completed MBA in finance. And I was working in kpo for 3 years, After that did course in SAP FICO but from last one year looking for job in SAP FI as Fresher, as well as experience by putting fake experience but unable to clear interviewe and also not getting more interviews as well… Pls guide what should I do…I M seriously looking for one Good guider in this field kindly pls help me. this mail is kindly send me mail we can communicate through email.. I am ready put all the efforts and dedication towards this but need some one who can guide me properly

  45. Hi sir :- I am Anshul from Delhi, India.I have 7 years of work experience in accounts profile and now I have done Sap fi/co course.kindly guide me what should I do to get job in Sap fi/co profile..

  46. Hi, I am about to start my career as FICO Consultant.

    I have another option to go in another field where after 3-4 years of good experience, one can earn ?20-24 lakhs.

    I am not well aware of this field what do you think an individual can earn with 3-4 years of good experience as FICO Consultant ?

    • Hi Adi,

      I don’t know what are the options in India. I can say that usually SAP field is a well paid for quallified professionals after 3-4 years of hard work while learning.


  47. Very well said Emiliyan “Don’t make the mistake to directly enter into tutorials which will show how simple is to create Company, Company code, Create and Assign Fiscal Year and, Charts of Account”

    There is a huge lot of crap on the internet especially from training schools which only show this basic stuff which no one would ever be going to use in real life consulting.

    Which book do you recommend a book to read?


  48. Hi Emiliyan,

    So I went through rest of your blog posts and found that you recommended this book “Discover-SAP-Financials” however when I read the comments about the book on website, I read a comment from user which goes something like this “Poorly written Book. Totally confusing language….”

    Then I searched on Amazon uk to look for other SAP FICO books (with ratings four star and above) and I found a book “SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Controlling: Configuration and Use Management” and I found some good comments about it. Of course in today’s digital age reviews are misleading as any author can ask couple of buddies (with kick-back money back to buddies) to buy a book and write very positive comments. Do you have any recommendation for this book?


    • Hi Jan,

      Yes, you are right. Discover SAP Financial has some sections which are a bit misleading and confusing to follow. The book SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Controlling: Configuration and Use Management look better, but I haven’t had the chance to read it. I moved out of the FICO world recently and I am not really up to date with the FICO knowledge, but wouldn’t it be better to go for S4/HANA FI and CO books?


  49. Thanks Emiliyan,

    My company is still on SAP ECC, however would be good to know from you a recommended book for SAP Hana FI/CO.


  50. Hello,
    I am currently an Account Manager for an SAP Consulting firm. My past experiences have been in banking, insurance, and investments, but I have been really considering becoming an SAP FICO consultant. I have a degree in business management, but no education in developing coding, or anything related to SAP. I have been reading up on SAP ERP/ESA, among other readings, articles, websites, etc.
    I am also not out of college and a little older then most (40s), for someone in my position, could you help me with a roadmap of starting out and what the process could look like in the next year or so, with books, websites, blogs, and I have access to SAP Partner Edge working for an SAP partner…the goal would be to get my wages increased substantially and enjoy my work at the same time by helping the organization I would be working for….appreciate your insight.

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