SAP ERP Solutions

Different SAP Soultions

  SAP is providing different ERP solutions for different customer needs. Most of the SAP professionals are not familiar with all of the SAP ERP solutions that the software provider offers. There is one product which is known from all of them and it is SAP ERP 6.0 also known as SAP R/3(2,1)  or mySAP ERP. These are the names of the most advanced ERP Solution that SAP is providing. The name of the top product was changed several times in the past 30+ years. I will cover only the most well known solutions in …

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How to Become a SAP FICO Consultant: Prologue

How to become a SAP FICO Consultant - Prologue

Becoming a SAP FICO functional consultant is not a straightway process. While the remuneration of the SAP consultants is well known by its attractiveness, you should not expect earning such salary in the first few years. Very often the only reason for many to enter  this field is the lucrative incomes, but they lose themselves in the sea of the SAP resources.   You should invest a lot of time and probably money before you could have chances to find a good job in this field. In last few years consulting companies are looking for experienced …

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How much is our time really worth?

How much is our time worth

Time is the most limited factor for every professional trying to catch all the knowledge that he or she needs. This fully applies for everyone who is trying to enter and persuade SAP related career. Learning SAP is endless process of investing personal time in reading, thinking and practicing. On the other hand everyone needs spare time to get rest and be productive on the next day.  Having time for friends & family and for every other thing which you like is critical success factor to your happiness. This also includes passionate SAP followers who …

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How to Show Technical Names (Transactions) in the SAP Tree

There are users which use SAP tree to find the program/transaction they would like to run. There are also another type of users which mainly use transaction codes directly in the SAP command field. I am not going to debate in this quick guide whether you should use one or another path. I will also not argue on the pros and cons of both approaches. Initially, your sap tree and related transactions will look like following:   When you don’t have technical names, you could find the technical name by looking at the status menu at the …

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Show SAP System Name in Windows (SID)

Most of the advanced users are always using several sessions if not all of the permitted sessions. By default, this means they are opening 6 windows with something in which they are operating on. This increases productivity in most cases :). What if you have several sap systems (SID) or Clients which covers different areas of the business. In many big companies Finances are separated from the operational business as Logistics, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, etc. In that cases you have 2 or even more sap systems or clients. The things are starting to get …

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