Build Own SAP HANA Home Training Server – Buying Guide

In a few posts I will try to describe my journey building my own SAP HANA server for training needs. I am an ex accountant with no technical degree, but I have the passion to get it run. Over the internet, there are a plenty of evidences that such thing is possible. My goal is to have a running SAP BPC 10.1 classic and embedded versions powered by SAP HANA as well as Business Suite on HANA. Let’s be clear, this guide is not for production use. This is only for personal training and experimentations with no additional …

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A Few Updates About Me

I have not been very active in the blog for the past two months, but many things have happened to me in that time. I became a father of a wonderful baby girl and  a member of CIMA (UK). I also got  an attractive SAP job  and now I am attending a few SAP official trainings thanks to my new employer. Becoming a father is wonderful experience and there is nothing in the world which I can compare it with. The name of my princess is Maya and she is a real cutie :). Anyway, every parent says …

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SAP FICO Consultant – Part 4: From Beginner to Expert

From Beginner to Expert

Continuing the series for becoming a SAP FICO Consultant I would like to share with you several resources and major steps you could follow. They will give you a very good knowledge in this area. So far, you should be familiar with business processes in SAP ERP, capabilities of FICO modules and have access to SAP IDES.  Then it is a good time to dive into FICO Configuration world. You should already know that without practice you could not become a SAP Consultant. Experience is vital to become a SAP expert, but without fundamental knowledge, almost nobody will …

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New SAP Business Suite on HANA – Free Course

New SAP Business Suite on HANA- Free Course

  Yesterday, SAP released their new flagship product called SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA. In short, it is also known as SAP S/4HANA. Basically, this product will consist sFIN and all other “Simple” innovations that we will see till the end of 2015. Initially it will be available only for on cloud installations, but after 6-12 months it will be available also for on-premise base. SAP is promising that the new product will fully take advantage of the HANA DB. This means we will see product with reviewed and rewritten 400 million lines of code to deliver their promise. The …

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Real-Time Business with SAP – What’s that?

Real-Time Business - Internet of Things

Perhaps you are one of the many who are constantly hearing the messages from SAP regarding Real-Time Business applications. Usually those statements are connected with their newest flagship product – SAP HANA. It is really hard to change our mind and become open to this new opportunity. We think it is normal to change our scheduled plans only with the help of manually executed transactions or with the help of scheduled background jobs on predefined period. It is not so easy to get out of this old thinking and imagine the new possibilities. Usually you are making materials resource planning based …

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