Learn VBA for MS Excel – Video Course Review

From a little less than a year, I had plans to learn VBA basics for Excel. As an SAP BPC Consultant I am not expected to be a master of it, but there is no doubt it is a useful programming language in a variety of cases. As a rule of a thumb, SAP BPC Consultants should avoid extensive usage of VBA, especially for sophisticated calculations. However there are circumstances where you will need to automate tasks such as changing chart source data, chart title, copying excel formulas to dynamic input forms, etc. Initially, I was …

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SAP BPC Embedded Consolidation is Finally Here

SAP BPC Embedded Consolidation is Here

SAP just released BPC SP09 for NetWeaver BW 7.4 and NetWeaver BW7.5 SP02. Both are enabling the highly anticipated feature for SAP BPC Embedded – Consolidation.  It is a huge step forward, and it will certainly help to increase the adoption rate. Don’t forget that SAP Embedded is the core of SAP Integrated Business Planning also known as SAP IBP for S4/HANA. It is intended to integrate planning needs of  Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, Procurement, etc. As I wrote already few times in my blog, BPC Embedded is a crucial product for SAP and a heart of …

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Activate SAP BPC in NetWeaver BW 7.5 Guide

Activate BPC in NetWeaver BW

There are a lot of things going on with BPC and EPM as General. SAP already showed their commitment to extend and make BPC a core product of their portfolio. You can check my posts on EPM Roadmaps and Consolidation Feature in BPC Embedded, but certainly a lot of things are going on with it. Their latest version of BPC is 10.1, and you can install it on NetWeaver BW 7.4. Nevertheless, this post is not about it. This article is about activating BPC in NetWeaver BW 7.5. You heard me right, you will not need to …

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Consolidation & Other New Features in BPC Embedded

Consolidation, Journals and Others

SAP released BPC Unified in the first half of 2014 and later renamed it to BPC Embedded. It was a completely new concept based much more on the BW-IP than on the classic BPC. My opinion is that SAP is pushing us to BPC Embedded as I expressed my thoughts in EPM Road Maps – BPC, Cloud for Analytics and BW-IP. BPC Embedded is missing some features from BPC Classic, but the most important one is the Consolidation. There were rumors that SAP is working on Consolidation feature in BPC Embedded from 2014, but there was no …

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Cheap International Transfers of Money

Transfer Second Step

It is not unusual for the SAP Consultant to make international transfers of money on a regular basis. In a matter of fact, I am going to be in the same situation from January 2016 when I will make transfers to my family every month. Making International transfers is not a cheap activity. Usually, the fees and the exchange rates are outrageous. For those reasons, the founders of Skype created a new online service called Transfer Wise (if you use the like you will get your first transfer up to 3000? for free). One of the investors in the service is …

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